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Relocation of employees


There are increasingly frequent cases of highly qualified professionals, senior executives and personnel employed in a company abroad who need to move to Italy for work and set up their lives in our country.


So, it is not merely a matter of managing the bureaucratic administrative process related to entry into Italy for work reasons, but also of all those procedures that allow the workers to fully relocate here:

•   Finding a house

•   Registering for residence purposes

•   Applying for a medical card


Then the professionals often have the absolute need to transfer their entire family to Italy.

Our professionals can also deal with this by finding the best solution to assist with the entry into Italy of the workers spouse or partner and of the workers children or those of his/her spouse or partner and to offer advice and assistance for all the bureaucratic and administrative tasks required for:

•   Registering for residence purposes

•   Registering with the Municipality

•   Applying for a medical card

•   Choosing the most appropriate educational path

•   School enrolment


The support of our advisers helps to avoid the unease associated, in most cases, with the linguistic and cultural skills required to cope with the logistics of the new work destination, which undoubtedly would jeopardise the well-being and serenity of the expatriate - a factor that could inevitably affect his/her choice to complete the transfer or subsequently his/her productivity and performance within the company.

The important skills acquired in this sector allow our professionals to identify the best solution to suit the needs of the professional and his/her family, and to deal with the relevant authorities and handle the requirements within the time frames indicated by the company.

We are the best solution for needs related to the transfer of highly-qualified personnel

Moving People has created a brand entirely dedicated to supporting the needs of large companies: Gruppo Europa Corporate.