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Our consultants are a highly-qualified and professional point of reference for all companies which want to recruit or already employ foreign personnel who need to renew their residence permits and keep them up-to-date with the applicable regulations. Such regulations state that companies themselves are subject to civil, criminal and administrative liability if they fail to check the permits.

ItalianLegislative Decree no.109 of 16 July 2012,  transposed European Directive 2009/52/EC that contains the minimum regulations regarding sanctions and measures against employers that use illegally-resident, third-country nationals, providing, amongst other things, for the introduction of the new Article 25-duodecies into Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001,with the extension of the liability of legal persons to include this offence.

The advice of our professionals allows each company to understand perfectly their obligations with regard to foreign workers; the operational support allows the position of non-EU employees to be monitored, eliminating the risk of incurring administrative penalties.

The extensive network of Moving People professionals is able to offer specific advice on the basis of individual company needs: so, not just about the management of the stay permits of their own foreign employees, but also to examine the possibility of hiring staff from abroad or for the secondment of foreign executives and highly qualified personnel.

Our consultants have the experience and the knowledge about the way that local organisations and institutions work which allows them to identify the best solution for the company needs, managing application procedures as quickly as possible and, when authorised to do so, they can stand in for company representatives and relieve them of the tasks related to submitting documentation to the appropriate authorities.

Moving People then created a brand fully dedicated to large companies of the sort that move important capital sums in Italy and around the world: Gruppo Europa Corporate, where you can select the specific services to suit your company needs.