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730, Isee (equivalent financial situation index), family allowances, unemployment claims

You cannot expect everyone to be an expert in tax matters and that is why our professionals are here: they can provide support in the preparation of tax forms.

We can help in preparing all tax return documentation, ISEE formsRed formsand in dealing with everything within the sphere of tax assistance for both Italian and foreign nationals.

Thanks to the fact that we keep ourselves constantly up-to-date on all fiscal matters, we can advise and assist you directly in the use of any legal provisions that allow you to obtain tax deductions and economic benefits.

If you would like an assessment of your personal situation contact usor come into one of our agencies: we will be able to give you the appropriate information and help you in preparing the necessary tax forms quickly and without having to wait.


Modello 730 for home helpers, carers and domestic staff

Since 2014 home helpers, carers and babysitters (and in general all staff involved in providing personal care) have also been able to use the Modello 730 for their tax returns, in addition to the Modello UNICO.

Until the previous year, the only tax form that domestic workers could use to fulfil their tax return obligations was the Modello UNICO PERSONE FISICHE.

An Italian law known as the “Decreto del Fare” also provided the opportunity of using the Modello 730 to employees with earned income that does not come from a withholding agent and domestic work falls into this category.

By presenting the CUD or the SOSTITUTO, you can process your tax return using the Modello 730, which was not possible to do until this year.


What is the benefit from using the Modello 730?

This IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITY allows the applicant, if their tax return shows they have a credit, to get their refund directly to their postal or bank account from the Inland Revenue Agency; conversely, if there is a balance to be paid, it is the responsibility of the intermediary to give the worker the Modello F24 with the amounts to be paid.

In addition, there are factors that can be assessed for the purposes of receiving DEDUCTIONS, that are only obtainable through a tax return.

For example: large families, dependent children, medical expenses, mortgage costs, car and life insurance premiums, tuition and/or university fees, funeral expenses, expenses for sports activities for juveniles, public transport season tickets, fees for nursery schools and others.

We should also point out that domestic workers have the obligation to submit tax returns and if they fail to do so, they will be committing an administrative offence and incur the consequent monetary penalty.

If you work in the field of home care (home helpers, carers, babysitters, dog walkers/sitters, gardeners, chauffeurs, cooks) or if you are an employer of one of these categories please contact us(link), we can give you specific information about your personal situation.