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Would you like to plan your next holiday?

Are you about to start a course of study abroad?

Would you like to go and visit a close friend?

Do you need to go abroad on behalf of your company?

Has your visa application been rejected and you do not know how to proceed?


The international scenario has experienced a gradual evolution in the rules regarding entry into various countries in the world based on the purpose of the visit, one's nationality, the length of stay and other factors.

That is why it is important to seek assistance from a consultant who is ready to help you in organising your next trip to make sure you comply with the rules of each country.


Gruppo Europa consultants are more than happy to offer you:

•    Specific advice according to your needs

•    Processing of the whole application procedure at embassies and consulates

     (if the procedures allow this) with delivery of the visa-stamped passport directly

      at our offices

•    Contact with embassies and consulates to fix appointments

•    Contact with embassies and consulates in the event of problem cases




We can also issue you the most suitable healthcare insurance policy for the type of trip you are undertaking and the place of destination.

Contact your nearest Gruppo Europa Agency today to plan your next trip in the name of safety!