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Employment contract


Our advisers can offer:

•    Membership with the National Association of Domestic Employer Families;

•    Contract and payroll management (domestic worker cost sheet; preparation

      of the employment contract/letter of employment; preparation of 12 pay slips;

      advance payment of severance pay, and severance pay (TFR); termination

      of employment; declaration of hiring to INPS, variation and termination

      of work contract)

    Labour disputes and settlements;

•     Rebuilding of the domestic employment contract;

We also provide assistance in identifying the right professional profile and in selecting staff with references and proven expertise.

You can contact us at no charge, on a take-it or leave-it basis; our professionals are at your complete disposal for any enquiries.

These services are offered at our agencies through collaboration with DOMINA, Associazione Nazionale Famiglie Datori di Lavoro Domestico,which signed the relevant National Collective Labour Agreement on 1 July