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You have been in Italy for many years and now you want to apply for citizenship, but you do not know how to proceed?

Are you married to an Italian citizen and you want to know if you are eligible to become a full-fledged Italian citizen?


We are experts in immigration law and we can assist you step by step in preparing your citizenship application.


We are specialized in:

•    Citizenship request for naturalization both for non-EU and EU citizens

    Citizenship request for marriage with Italian citizen

•    Request citizenship jure sanguinis (that is, for descent from ancestor Italian citizen)

•    Italian citizenship request for those born on the Italian territory at the age of majority


We can offer you a 360 ° consultancy to assess the real feasibility of granting Italian citizenship, listing in detail all the documentation necessary to instruct the practice, taking care of the sworn translation of documents and foreign certificates to make them worth in Italy and, in some cases, we can to recover the original certificates from your country of origin!

We make sure that the practice and its evaluation are developed within the time established by the law, up to the filing and monitoring of the warning.

Our support is also guaranteed to those who have already submitted the request, but need professional support supported by interventions also with legal acts.